Redevelopment of Peoria, Illinois

The Aerial Photo above shows the Warehouse District outlined in blue. It is adjacent to downtown and the Riverfront, just south of I-74. The ballpark and Civic Center are also adjacent. A great location for new urban development.

Big Build Up

The map above illustrates the "Big Build Up" of Peoria. Development in and near downtown is very strong. There is a strong demand for more housing within walking distance to all the newly developed jobs.

Documents - Warehouse District

The area just south of downtown Peoria is a mix of old industrial lofts, one story industrial buildings, and vacant lots. This area will become a vibrant mixed - use residential and commercial neighborhood. Some of the old industrial lofts will become condominiums similar to the successful development of the buildings on Water Street. The street level space can become viable commercial and retail space.

The conversion of this area to a great urban neighborhood will take place as a result of market demand and the strong incentives the City has created. The area is in a TIF and Enterprise Zone. The City will use 50% of new property taxes generated for City improvements, and 50% allocated to developers to finance environmental clean up, public safety improvements, and rehabilitation to uses permitted in the new Form Based Code. This will lead to very rapid redevelopment.

More detailed information on the pages below:

Warehouse District Flyer - Executive Summary

Aerial Photo

Asking Prices

Development Near the District

Downtown Employment

Draft TIF Agreements

GIS Info, maps, topography, and aerials


Market Study



TIF Redevelopment Plan

Renaissance Park

Warehouse District Documents

Warehouse-City Web Page

Riverfront Photo Album

Apr 11, 2000
by Peoria
Peoria's Riverfront and Riverfront Events
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